Seiko Matsuda 松田 聖子 - Discography 87 Albums, 25 Singles (1980-2014)

Seiko Matsuda 松田 聖子 - Discography 87 Albums, 25 Singles (1980-2014)

Artist: Seiko Matsuda
Title: Discography
Year Of Release: 1980-2014
Genre: JPop, Kayōkyoku
Quality: 320 kbps, singles 192-320 kbps
Total Time: 87 Albums, 25 Singles
Total Size: 15,3 Gb

Matsuda Seiko (松田聖子) is a Japanese kayokyoku singer-songwriter. She was Japan's prime idol for 15 years before Amuro Namie and Hamasaki Ayumi conquered the Oricon charts. She's had huge influence among today's female artists and is still trying to conquer the stage she once owned with her daughter SAYAKA.
Matsuda Seiko started auditioning when she was in her first year of high school in 1978 for CBS Records' Miss Seventeen contest. Singing Sakurada Junko's "Kimagure Venus", Matsuda would pass the Kyushu region auditions and eventually win the competition later on. Although at first her parents didn't want their daughter in the idol business, they let Matsuda sign onto Sun Music Productions a year after her victory.
Matsuda first debuted as an actress, however, in the 1979 dorama Odaiji ni. She would also become an regular on the NHK Show Let's Go Young and a DJ for radio show "The Punch-Punch-Punch". She finally made her singing debut in early 1980, releasing the single "Hadashi no Kisetsu" with the catchphrase "I Want to Hold You! Miss Sony" (抱きしめたい! ミス・ソニー).
After that release, Matsuda quickly became a top idol, recognized by her trademark short hairstyle. By the end of 1980, she hit the top of the sales charts for the sale of Bromide cards and would go to win Rookie of the Year awards at various music festivals and award ceremonies. She would also catch the No. 1 spot in a survey asked to men of who they wanted to marry in 1984.
In May of 1985, Matsuda would go to Mexico to star in the television dorama Caribe Ai no Symphony, which became one of the top shows during the prime-time during that year. She eventually married her co-star, actor Kanda Masaki, before the year was up and gave birth to their first daughter, SAYAKA, a year after. She was given the nickname Mama Idol afterward because of her wish to become a mother, but still be an idol.
Matsuda soon pursued an additional career path when she opened up her own fashion shop "Flawless" in 1988. Then two years later, she made her debut on the American music scene with her first U.S.A-released English album seiko. While promoting the album, Matsuda gained the nickname "Eternal Young Girl" as she performed all over America, including New York City. But the album didn't chart and didn't sell enough to make Matsuda an American idol. She wouldn't give up, however, as she released several more singles later on ("Good For You", "all to you", and "just for tonight"), which did enter the Billboard charts in top 20 positions.
In May 1996, Matsuda would go on to appear semi-nude in the American magazine BIKINI and also changed record labels to Universal Music Japan as she released the single "Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~". The single was Matsuda's first #1 single to chart in eight years and sold over a million copies. But with success there is loss -- she divorced Kanda Masaki in 1997. She would later remarry to a close friend of two years in 1998 until they divorced in 2000.
To celebrate the new millennium, Matsuda once again changed labels to Sony Music Japan from 2002 until 2009, when she changed back to Universal Music Japan. She would release the album Sunshine in 2004, which was her first top ten album since 1997's My Story, charting at #6. She also celebrated her twenty-fifth anniversary a year later by having the fairy tour at various places, including the Saitama Super Arena. Attended by 5,000 fans, Matsuda showed off a new skill to them -- singing in Chinese.
Matsuda used to hold the record of 25 consecutive No. 1 singles and the record for most #1's by a female artist until Hamasaki Ayumi surpassed her in March 2006. She is known for having been reported in many scandals by the media and repeatedly changing record labels.
Studio Albums :
[1980.08.01] SQUALL
[1980.12.02] North Wind
[1981.05.21] Silhouette
[1981.10.21] Kaze Tachinu (風立ちぬ)
[1982.05.21] Pineapple
[1982.11.10] Candy
[1983.06.01] Utopia (ユートピア)
[1983.12.10] Canary
[1984.06.10] Tinker Bell
[1984.12.08] Windy Shadow
[1985.06.05] The 9th Wave
[1985.08.15] SOUND OF MY HEART (as SEIKO)
[1986.06.01] SUPREME
[1987.05.16] Strawberry Time
[1988.05.11] Citron
[1989.12.06] Precious Moment
[1990.06.07] seiko (as SEIKO)
[1990.12.10] We Are Love
[1991.05.02] Eternal
[1992.03.25] 1992 Nouvelle Vague (1992ヌーヴェルヴァーグ)
[1992.12.02] Sweet Memories '93
[1993.11.21] A Time for Love
[1994.06.12] Glorious Revolution
[1995.05.21] It's Style '95
[1996.05.27] Vanity Fair
[1996.06.10] Was It The Future (as SEIKO)
[1996.12.05] Guardian Angel
[1997.05.21] My Story
[1997.12.03] Sweetest Time
[1998.05.08] Forever
[1999.12.18] Eien no Shoujo (永遠の少女)
[2000.06.28] Seiko:Matsuda 20th Party
[2001.06.20] LOVE&EMOTION VOL.1
[2001.11.28] LOVE&EMOTION VOL.2
[2002.06.21] area62 (as SEIKO)
[2004.06.09] Sunshine
[2005.04.06] fairy
[2005.12.07] Under the beautiful stars
[2006.05.31] bless you
[2006.12.06] Eternal II (Cover Album)
[2007.06.06] Baby's breath
[2008.05.21] My pure melody
[2010.05.26] My Prelude
[2011.06.01] Cherish
[2012.06.06] Very Very
[2013.06.05] A Girl In The Wonder Land
[2014.06.04] Dream & Fantasy
Best Albums :
[1981.11.01] Seiko•fragrance (聖子・fragrance)
[1982.07.01] Seiko•index
[1982.12.05] Kiniro no Ribbon (金色のリボン)
[1983.11.11] Seiko•plaza
[1984.03.15] Touch Me, Seiko
[1984.11.01] Seiko•Town
[1984.11.21] Seiko•Avenue
[1985.03.06] Seiko-Train
[1985.11.10] Seiko•Box
[1986.11.21] LOVE BALLADE
[1987.11.21] Snow Garden
[1988.07.21] Seiko Monument
[1991.11.21] Christmas Tree
[1991.12.01] Bible
[1994.12.01] Bible II
[1996.03.01] Bible III
[1996.11.01] Winter Tales
[1997.06.21] Seaside ~Summer Tales
[1997.11.21] Dear
[1998.07.18] Seiko•Celebration (w/o Instrumental CD)
[1998.11.30] Seiko '96-'98
[1999.04.01] Ballad~20th Anniversary
[2000.11.29] 『LOVE』 Seiko Matsuda 20th Anniversary Best Selection
[2003.11.27] Another Side of Seiko 27
[2004.04.14] Best of Best 27
[2005.01.26] 『Seiko Smile』 Seiko Matsuda 25th Anniversary Best Selection
[2009.11.11] Seiko Matsuda Christmas Songs
[2010.09.22] Touch Me, Seiko II
Best Albums :
[2012.05.30] Etranger (エトランゼ)
Special Releases :
[1996.09.21] Complete Bible [8 CD's]
[2000.07.05] SEIKO SUITE [7 CD's]
[2009.09.30] Premium Diamond Bible [5 CD's]
O.S.T. Albums :
[2010.08.11] Matsuda Seiko Original Soundtrack Shuu 1981~1985 (松田聖子オリジナル・サウンドトラック集) CDBOX:
[Disc I][1981.08.08] Nogiku no Haka O.S.T. (野菊の墓 O.S.T.)
[Disc II][1983.07.01] Plumeria no Densetsu O.S.T. (プルメリアの伝説 O.S.T.)
[Disc III][1984.07.07] Natsufuku no Eve O.S.T. (夏服のイヴ O.S.T.)
[Disc VI][1985.05.03] Caribe Ai no Symphony O.S.T. (カリブ・愛のシンフォニー O.S.T.)
[Disc V][1985.06.21] Penguins Memory ''Shiawase Monogatari'' O.S.T. (ペンギンズ・メモリー 「幸福物語」 O.S.T.)
[Disc VI][2010.08.11] TV Commercial Edit
Other Albums :
[1989.05.21] Goya...Uta de Tsuzuru Shougai (ゴヤ…歌でつづる生涯) (мьюзикл Goya: A Life in Song с участием Seiko)
[1999.10.06] SEIKO MATSUDA:RE-MIXES (Remix Album)
[2000.09.27] SEIKO RE-MIXES 2000 (Remix Album)
[2005.08.26] I'll fall in love Ai De Li Wu (愛的禮物) (Chinese Album)
[2006.12.13] Jewel Songs ~Seiko Matsuda Tribute & Covers~ (Tribute Album)
Singles :
[1988.09.07] Tabidachi wa Freesia (旅立ちはフリージア)
[1990.11.21] We Are Love
[1993.04.21] Taisetsu na Anata (大切なあなた)
[1993.05.21] A Touch of Destiny/SWEET MEMORIES (English New Version)
[1994.12.01] Kagayaita Kisetsu e Tabidatou (輝いた季節へ旅立とう)
[1995.04.21] Suteki ni Once Again (素敵にOnce Again)
[1996.04.22] Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~ (あなたに逢いたくて~Missing you~)
[1996.05.17] I'll Be There For You (Seiko Matsuda with Robbie Nevil)
[1996.11.18] Sayonara no Shunkan (さよならの瞬間)
[1999.10.27] Kanashimi no Boat (哀しみのボート)
[2007.05.23] Namida ga Tada Koboreru Dake (涙がただこぼれるだけ)
[2007.08.01] Manatsu no Yoru no Yume (真夏の夜の夢) (Matsuda Seiko x Fujii Takashi)
[2007.11.21] Christmas no Yoru (クリスマスの夜)
[2008.03.19] Hanabira Mau Kisetsu ni (花びら舞う季節に) (VBR ~ 192)
[2008.06.25] Love is all
[2008.10.22] Ano Kagayaita Kisetsu (あの輝いた季節)
[2010.05.05] Ikutsu no Yoake wo Kazoetara (いくつの夜明けを数えたら)
[2011.11.23] Tokubetsu na Koibito/Koe Dake Kikasete (特別な恋人/声だけ聞かせて)
[2012.05.02] Namida no Shizuku (涙のしずく)
[2013.05.22] LuLu!!
[2014.05.21] I Love You!! ~Anata no Hohoemi ni~ (I Love You!! ~あなたの微笑みに~)
Collaboration Singles :
[2010.04.21] Yazima Biyoushitsu feat. Princess Seiko - Idol Mitai ni Utawasete
[2013.10.30] Yume ga Samete (夢がさめて) [Matsuda Seiko & Chris Hart]
UK/USA Singles :
[2002.12.17] just for tonight (as SEIKO)

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